Back to the Land

Traditional Foods, Foraging, & Farming

Back to the Land is a level 1 training with a strong focus on building culinary technique, understanding traditional diets, and merging the forest & the farm for optimal health and wellness. Spanning over 3 days, we will spend lots of time in the kitchen as well as outdoors, enjoying the garden, spring fed pond, and the forest.

The weekend of July 11th through July 13th, 2014

It's time to reconnect with the land and learn to live simply, eat properly, and work with nature's most valuable resources.

Enjoy a weekend of education and inspiration that you can put into immediate action and improve the life of those you love!

Join Chef Frank Giglio on Three Lily Farm in Midcoast Maine. Enjoy an active, hands-on culinary centered weekend focused around traditional diets and seasonal eating.



7 locally centered organic meals

Saturday Evening Special Guest Lecture (to be announced)

Swimming in our Spring Fed Pond

Chocolate, plenty of chocolate!

Recipe Book including all classes and meals from the weekend

Foraging & Nature Hikes

Frank's specialty lacto-fermented Birch Soda



Basic food principles of traditional diets and how to properly prepare the food you eat

How to incorporate wild foods into your daily diet

Knife skills, ingredient selection, and flavor balancing

How to implement seasonal foods into your daily diet

Basic butchering, fermentation, and cheese making

IMG_2034_Three_Lily_Retreat web.jpg

A Sample Day

7:30 am - Bulletproof Coffee, Chaga tea, Local Fruit-Yogurt Smoothies

8:00 am - Stretching Talk about the Day

9:00 am - All about Eggs

10:00 am - Into the Garden (building raised beds, planting seedlings)

12-2 pm - Lunch and Break

2 pm - Cheese Making or Sauerkraut Instruction

3 pm - Begin Dinner Prep

4:30 pm - Start a primitive fire

6 pm - Dinner

7 pm - Guest Lecture

8-9 pm Hang out by the camp fire


About the Chef

Frank Giglio exudes a passion for nature-based living in all that he does, from his culinary pursuits to the simplest of day to day projects. Along with his beautiful family, classically trained chef Frank runs Three Lily Farm - an off-the-grid permaculture minded homestead where he mentors and educates others on the importance of preparing and eating a real-food diet, growing their own fruits and vegetables, and connecting with nature through wild foraging, harvesting spring water, and simply spending time in the health-promoting glory of the outdoors. Every year, Frank continues to push his fitness to the elite level by competing in obstacle course races and ultra-marathons. A true Maine-Man, Frank maintains his beard by carrying water and splitting wood.

A note from Frank:

This workshop is the culmination of my 15+ years working in the culinary field. It gives me great pleasure to invite a small group of like minded folks to mind home and share my skills, experiences and my passion for fresh, real, wholesome food. My goal in this workshop is to awaken the innate ability to nourish oneself and your family. By teaching you the basic fundamentals of cooking, from knife skills to flavor combinations, it is my hope that you will walk away with confidence and inspiration to take your culinary skills to the next level. 

Workshop Investment $495