A Little Bit Raw

Looking back, its hard to believe that I went 4 years without eating cooked food. These days, I mostly joke about my 4 year span as a "raw foodist".  Although it served me well, for a short period of time, I do feel it was a bit overboard in my search for health. Excessive imported foods, extremist attitude, and decline in my health all came to light when I was able to step away and take a second glance at the trendy diet.

That being said, it did have it's benefits. Eating a uncooked plant based diet inspired me to consume more plants in their raw state, when appropriate. Vegetables that naturally lend themselves to being eaten raw are some of my favorites. Radishes, peppers, carrots, and even beets have become staples in my kitchen simply for the fact that I can turn them into a salad in a matter of minutes. 

It's winter in Maine, which means most meals are cooked slowly on the wood stove or stove top, yielding soft, tender meats and vegetables which really satiate the body on these cold days and nights. With that, a simple raw vegetable salad like the one seen below really hit the spot. I keep a salad dressing prepared on the kitchen shelf to make it even that much easier to get food on the table. Simple, delicious, refreshing, and crisp!