Dispatch 8 ~ Death and Rebirth

Dispatch 8 of Daniel Vitalis's ReWild Yourself! magazine has just been released and Frank has been a contributing author for all 8 releases. The latest magazine is entitled Death and Rebirth and Frank shares his experiences around raising and slaughtering animals on the farm.

Here's an excerpt from the article.

“Until I visited a working slaughtering house, I was rather naive to the idea of killing in order to eat and survive. I was 19 years old and attending the New England Culinary Institute when I got an up close and personal visual of a cow slaughter. It was a potent experience for sure, enough that some students stayed put in the car during the process. It gave me a better understanding of the realities of raising animals for food, and what it takes to do that. Until that moment, I blindly ate meat, wrapped in plastic on sturdy styrofoam dishes, never asking “where did this come from?”

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