Neo-Abo Roundtable, Part Two - Daniel Vitalis, Arthur Haines, Frank Giglio #120

In part two, we discuss our recent fishing charter trip, parasites, tips for cooking fish, intent and ethics of hunting, thoughts on raising animals for meat, ingesting chemistry from our landscape and much more. Enjoy!


  • Recap of a fishing charter trip
  • Using ginger for motion sickness
  • The truth about cod liver
  • Parasites — the ecology of eating
  • Chef Frank’s tips for cooking fish
  • Thoughts on hypervitaminosis
  • Intent and ethics of hunting
  • Forecasting winter’s hunts and gathers
  • Native wild berries vs locally grown non-native fruits
  • Thoughts on raising animals for meat
  • Is harvesting wild foods an act of defiance?
  • Ingesting chemistry from our landscape

Please click HERE to listen to the discussion. 

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