Neo-Abo Roundtable, Part One - Daniel Vitalis, Arthur Haines, Frank Giglio #119

A special edition of ReWild Yourself podcast! In early autumn, I met up with my friends Arthur Haines and Daniel Vitalis for a roundtable discussion on bioregional living and the modern hunter gatherer lifestyle. Hanging out in Daniel's backyard in Maine, we took a look back on the highlights of this year’s hunting and gathering with a few rants and more than a few laughs mixed in.

In part one of our conversation, we talk bio-regionality, the benefits of inconvenient foods, wild food foraging highlights, land stewardship and more! Enjoy, and stay tuned for part two!


  • Daniel shares on:
    • Yesterday’s election
    • Using a compound bow vs a traditional bow
    • ReWilding on a global level and being the change you want to see in the world
  • Introductions
  • What bio-regionality means to Daniel, Arthur and Frank
  • Acorn processing and food convenience
  • Wild food highlights of the year
  • Frank’s fishing experiences this summer
  • But it tastes gamey…
  • The loss of a feral temperament
  • Arthur’s goal for land stewardship and ReWilding community
  • Conservation and protecting human involvement in ecology
  • Arthur’s recent foraging highlights

The excerpt above was taken from Daniel Vitalis and the discussion can be listened to HERE

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