Red Skies in the Morning

Woke well before daylight this morning, motivated to get cooking. A little bit of stretching, a quick check on my sourdough starter, then over to the stove to get some coffee rolling. With some venison thawed, I began a simple stew with a few leeks, carrots, and a handful of dried wild mushrooms jarred up in the pantry. Some mild chicken stock served as the base, bay leaf and thyme as the main aromatics. Once the liquid came to a boil, a set it back to simmer as I carried on with my morning. Dishes like this are what I crave in the winter, and really, just 10 minutes of efforts feeds my family so well. 


As the sun began to peak out above the horizon, the skies filled with a deep red hue, which made me think rain would soon shower down onto the frozen landscape. Luckily, just a sprinkle came before the clouds dissipated and the skies lit up with nothing but sunshine. I've been working on a recipe for acorn injera, so another morning of test batches came to be. Normally, teff flour is mixed with water and left to ferment for a few days before cooking off. With the acorn flour, I added a small portion of sourdough starter to help kick off the fermentation. So far, I'm very pleased with the outcome and looking forward to many more uses of this in the future. 


Despite some light rain that came around in the early afternoon, I motivated Wilder to get outside with me and plant the garlic that as of yesterday, was going to be a wash for 2018. Yesterday's subfreezing temps made the soil a bit too frozen to turn over and my hopes for my garlic harvest next year looked slim. Thankfully, the grounds thawed enough to allow me to plant 8-10 pounds of Red Russian garlic cloves. Ohh boy was I stoked! Seriously, I can't imagine missing out on what is such an easy herb to grow. 


Lastly, before settling in for the evening, I put up a gallon of Caribbean spiced habanero that will ferment for a few weeks before blending up into one of my favorite hot sauces! It's been a great day, feeling inspired!