ReWild Yourself Podcast ~ Episode #172 ~How To Eat An Acorn


Chef Frank Giglio is back on ReWild Yourself Podcast, and we’re excited to share all about our upcoming two-week course, How to Eat an Acorn! With boots on the ground experience, we have honed and perfected our methods of acorn harvesting, processing and cooking. We believe acorn is one of the most accessible and valuable wild foods in our ecosystem, and we want to help you start using it in your own kitchen! We’ll give you all the details of what this course will entail, and we’ll also share some of the delicious creations we’ve been making in the kitchen with acorns as of late.

With Frank here in the studio with me, we had a great time catching up and reminiscing about the early years of our friendship (including a hilarious story from our past!). We talked about what we’ve been up to in the abundant wild food season of autumn in Maine, and you’ll get to hear all about our squirrel hunting tactics, apple cider making, deer hunting and lots more. Pull up a chair, pour yourself a glass of apple cider and enjoy this conversation between two old friends.


  • Show Introduction
  • Frank and Daniel reminisce about the early years of their friendship
  • A bit about Frank’s off-grid Maine homestead
  • Talking small-scale farms
  • Frank’s recent “How To Eat An Acorn” class at the Maine Common Grounds Fair
  • Our upcoming “How To Eat An Acorn” virtual course
  • What we’ve been making with acorns in the kitchen
  • Making pack baskets
  • Improving squirrel hunting tactics
  • Apple cider making
  • Bear fat, using the metric system and deer hunting
  • Chronic wasting disease
  • The acorn renaissance 

Listen Here - How To Eat An Acorn