Sourdough on the Rise

In the later part of my most recent Fearless Fermentation course, I shared with the students the process of creating a sourdough starter, which in the past, has been a bit of unknown territory for me. Over the years, I've made many successful batches of starter, but always seem to loose steam after a few weeks of feeding. I'd consider myself a fairly inexperienced baker, so I'd often drop off on my starter because of the fact that I don't bake bread and there is only so many batches of pancakes one could make. 


This round was different though, as it finally clicked and my understanding for the process set in. A little extra reading, a few questions asked, and several recipes researched and ready to try out made the process much more exciting than the past. After about a week, the starter was quite active and ready for recipes. 

My goal has been to "sourdough" many of the goods that I would create without the use of a starter. So, my yeasted dinner rolls, pizza dough, and pancakes are now being crafted with the use of a little bubbly starter. 

Next up for me is to grind my grains fresh which will provide a much more nutrient dense product. I've been eyeballing the Quaker City Food Mill for some time now and just waiting for the right moment to press GO!

As I become more comfortable with the recipes I'm working on, I'll be sharing my insights and recipes with all of you. 


Frank GiglioComment