Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen - Rewild Yourself Podcast

"My good friend and brilliant chef Frank Giglio joins me in-studio at the ReWilding headquarters for an in-depth interview on how to set up your home kitchen for culinary mastery. Frank has apprenticed directly under some of the top chefs in the US and became a classically trained chef at the New England Culinary Institute. Living on an off-grid homestead with his family in Maine, he focuses on sustainable cuisine, seeking the highest quality foods grown locally and harvested in season.

Our conversation is full of laughs and practical tips to completely revamp and upgrade your kitchen from the mind of a chef and homesteader. I’ve gleaned a great deal of my own culinary knowledge directly from Frank, and I think you’ll be inspired by his down-to-earth approach and pragmatic advice! Enjoy & happy pantry-flushing (;


  • How Frank got started with cooking
  • Off-grid homesteading in Maine
  • Doing a pantry flush
  • Frank’s starter spice rack recommendations
  • The 3-finger pinch
  • The culinary purpose of salt
  • Vinegar comparison
  • Dry goods to always have on hand
  • Sweeteners
  • Oils
  • Essential tools for the home kitchen
  • Frank’s key cooking lessons
  • Three Lily Farm’s Cookery Club
  • Fermentation Fundamentals"

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