Winter With A Well Stocked Pantry

There's a sweetness that comes in living life in close connection with the seasons. Especially here in New England, where we can more easily embrace all four seasons, as they are so distinct and appreciated when they arrive. The invigoration that comes with spring, the bounty of summer, crispness of autumn, and the slowing down of winter all have ways to deepen our connection with the land.

The growing season is short here, so as a gardener/forager, I am faced with the challenge of producing and processing as much food as I can in a rather short amount of time. There are weeks in the summer where it's pure chaos in my kitchen, as ingredients in various stages of processing pile up on my counters. When there is an abundance of food just steps outside your front door, it's tough to let them go by, which often leads to me biting off a bit more than I can chew at times! 

With each new growing season that I enter, my goal is to thrive in the "dead" of winter. When snow storms hit Maine, it's nice to be able to stay put and not have to worry about rushing to the store for provisions to help get us by until we can leave the house again. Milk, white bread, and beer are what I often see folks filling up on when the weather channel spreads the news of an incoming storm. While they may fill our bellies for a few days, none have a way of providing real nourishment. So, I embrace the chaos of summer all in knowing that my family will be well fed no matter what the season provides. 




Frank GiglioComment