In America, it seems as though cooking has become a lost art. This simple idea of cooking meals from scratch, using fresh - seasonal ingredients, has been pushed aside for more modern conveniences. With the industrialization of our food system has become a disconnect between eating real food and the direct relationship to our health. 

Educating yourself and your palette will allow you to become more self sufficient in the kitchen. Honing your skills, experimenting, and adapting to daily life will allow you to become a better cook. This online training focuses on simple, low tech ideas and traditional food preparation to minimize time and your efforts, yet maximize nutrition and flavor!

This course, which brings together my 20 years of experience, focuses on foundational and fundamental skills culinary skills.  

Week 1

Kitchen Setup - Creating up your Healthy Lifestyle Kitchen

Week one is all about stacking the odds in your favor. In the first week, we will assess our cooking goals, equipment and ingredients in our homes and evaluate our needs and necessities. 

In order to effortlessly cook delicious and nutritious meals day in and day out, one must understand the basic fundamentals of cooking. Week 1 will focus on culinary staples, techniques, and recipes that will allow you to expand your cuisine with ease. 


Week 1 Objectives:

  • The Kitchen Sweep - Setting up your kitchen for success.
  • Shopping - How to properly stock your fridge, freezer, and cupboards. Saving money/Food security with bulk purchases. 
  • Cookware - My favorite cookware and essential tools of the trade.
  • Knife selection - A detailed look at your most used kitchen tool. How to purchase the perfect knife for you. Sharpening and maintenence will also be a part of the discussion. 

At the end of week 1, you will receive your assignment as a follow up to the weeks lessons. As with the entire course, email support along with our private Facebook group is available throughout the week to help guide you through the course and provide inspiration from the community. 


Week 2

Knife Skills + Kitchen Basics

Week 3

Purely Vegetables

Week 4

Soups & Stews

Week 5

Sauces, Dips, and More

Week 6

Fresh from the Sea

Week 7

Clean Meats

Week 8

Fresh & Green

Week 9

Wild Foods

Week 10

Food Infusions

Week 11

Spices, Herbs, & Tools

Week 12