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How To Eat An Acorn

  • Three Lily Provisions Unity, Maine United States (map)

Nearly every autumn, as the leaves begin to turn colors, the oak tree drops its fruit. Some years are more than others, but the fruits that drop to the ground are free for the taking. As the temperatures slowly decline, many forest creatures look to the acorn to build fat and food stores for the winter. Humans once did the same on nearly every continent. 

The acorn was at one point, a solid food choice, providing complete protein, and an array of fats and carbohydrates. It was the acorn, often ground to a meal and leached until ready to eat. While the acorn is a choice ingredient in my kitchen, many people are lacking the knowledge to turn this widely available nut into a edible food. 

Removing the bitter tannins has proven the breaking point for most people looking to eat a more sustainable and localized diet. It is the "time" that keeps us from connecting to this abundant food. This class will provide you with the knowledge and inspiration to make acorns a part of your diet. 


What You Will Learn

 Oak Identification

Understanding of Black/White Oak Groups

Essential Equipment

Harvesting Techniques

How to Properly Dry Your Harvest

Storage Strategies

Leaching - Hot vs. Cold

Cooking - Recipe for Cooking with Acorn

Later Event: August 9
Recovering Ancestral Skills