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Recovering Ancestral Skills

For over 300,000 years, Homo sapiens has practiced place-based technologies that have allowed them to live as integral parts of their landscapes.  These skills gave humans true sovereignty because they were not dependent on growers, manufacturers, and retailers.  Importantly, these are a set of practices that are documented as being the least impactful manner of interaction with the planet (i.e., primitive technologies are the most sustainable lifeways ever witnessed).  Given that everyone alive today has hunter-gatherer ancestors, the practice of ancestral skills is part of all people's heritage.

Join Arthur Haines for four days of recovering our ancestor's ways of being.  You will be exposed to a broad array of nature-based technologies, including shelter, friction fire, primitive cooking, fiber arts, container manufacture, edible and medicinal plants, tracking, nature observation, trapping, and hunting weapons.  Where possible, students will be approached individually in order to further their skill set (i.e., those who have previous exposure to primitive living skills will be advanced beyond introductory material).  Time will be allotted for discussion of topics central to human rewilding, especially the relevance of ancestral lifeways in today's world.

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