“The care of the Earth is our most ancient and most worthy, and after all our most pleasing responsibility. To cherish what remains of it and to foster its renewal is our only hope.” ― Wendell Berry


Preparing food is my art. It’s truly a creative expression for me, and it’s a deeply fulfilling act to nourish and feed my family. Working with food for the last 20 years has also been the way I’ve sustained myself financially. It started as just a job at the age of 15, and has blossomed into a full blown passion. Throughout all of my years of preparing food, I’ve also become well immersed in the health food world. This has helped garner a profound understanding of how the food I eat literally becomes me.  

Nowadays, the many different aspects of making a meal consume a great portion of my free time; with days off spent cooking for the family, I might also be off foraging, hunting, fishing, or tending to the small garden I keep at our off-grid home in Maine.  

Through my craft I’ve also come to feel deeply connected to the Maine landscape and the time of year. It’s my belief and approach that the location and season depict what should be harvested, and therefore consumed. Tuning in to the natural rhythms of the earth bring about balance and a sense of coexistence for me. By eating a seasonally based diet, I’m able to capture ingredients at their peak flavor and freshness, as well as their maximum nutritional output.  

As the seasons pass and different ingredients become available, I work to weave them into my daily creations. Each ingredient comes to the kitchen with a different quality, feel, flavor, and phytochemistry, and these characteristics greatly influence the way I prepare a dish. I apply a variety of food preparation techniques to preserve the bounty of the seasons, including curing, fermenting, pickling and canning. These preservation techniques allow me to enjoy locally available ingredients months beyond their season. Beyond that, certain ingredients require additional processing to make them edible, more nutritious, or more palatable.    

There are no shortcuts in my diet, nor in the cuisine I prepare for my family or clients. It is my goal to serve purposefully prepared, authentic meals that are not only satiating, but immensely flavorful. 

- Chef Frank